HopeSpeaks Seminar Schedule: Marriage Seminars: 


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Online scheduling

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HopeSpeaks Seminars

HopeSpeaks is a branch of

Harbor of Hope Counseling to the community.

HopeSpeaks Seminars shares on various topics that

include, but are not limited to:

*Marriage and Relationships:

"Super Marriages"

"Classic Marriages"


"Super Parenting"

Survival Parenting"

*Drug & Alcohol Awareness & Recovery 

*Singles and Single Living

*Suicide Awareness and Training

*Depression & Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms & Coping Strategies

*Child Abuse and Awareness Training  

Churches can call or text 570-764-6444 to book a free seminar today!!

*Permission to sell DVD'S and books related to marriage and advertise for Harbor of Hope Counseling at the free seminar event. 

Harbor of Hope Counseling and Hope Speaks Seminars

62 Village Lane Berwick, Pa 18603 - 570-764-6444